Celebrating 60 Years in 2020!

An Authority for Professional Auto Repair

Connie & Dick’s Auto Service Center is a AAA Approved full-service auto repair facility equipped, staffed, and ready to provide you with exceptional service. 

We have been providing Claremont and the surrounding communities with the professional auto repair they deserve since 1960. And we’re happy to be celebrating our SIXTIETH year in business in 2020!

Warranty, an industry-leading warranty is provided on all parts and labor for 3 years -or- 36,000 miles, whichever occurs first.

Connie & Dick's Auto Service Center - Auto Repair experts

Your New Car Dealer Alternative for Service

Dealership Service Alternative

All vehicles require maintenance and we can help you keep your new vehicle in tip-top shape which doesn’t require you to return to the dealership for service. We know a lot and can help you properly maintain your vehicle for long life. Please contact us today about servicing your new vehicle today: 909-626-5653.

And we’re happy to be celebrating our SIXTIETH year in business in 2020!

Warranty, we provide an industry-leading warranty on all parts and labor for 3 years -or- 36,000 miles, whichever occurs first.

Connie & Dick's Auto Service Center - Auto Repair experts


Auto repair | Circa 1960

Connie & Dick’s partnership began in a small Mobil gas station in Downtown Claremont near the intersection of Bonita and Yale avenue. 

As time progressed, Connie & Dick’s Auto Service expanded resulting in multiple service/gas stations including the popular Shell station that was located on the North-East corner of Indian Hill Blvd & Bonita Avenue. So the next time you’re enjoying a bite at King Kong Sushi you can think of us! 

Connie & Dick's Auto Service Center - Auto Repair experts


Auto Repair | Circa 1970

Connie & Dick’s Service Center had been providing expert auto repair and service in the Olive Street building located just north of our current location where the Claremont Courier moved into in 2017.

Both Conrad and Richard were working daily in our current facility up until the early 1990s when they sold the business to Scott Brown, an employee at the time and todays current owner.

Modern Times

Auto Repair | Present Day

Since 1977, Connie & Dick’s has been providing expert auto repair and service in our 13,000 sq. ft. facility. This facility, by the way was originally built for the U.S. Postal Service which served as a Claremont’s Postal Annex up until the early 70’s.

We are constantly updating tooling, equipment and increasing our proficiency so that we can continue to provide professional grade auto repair and service well into the future!

Connie & Dick's Auto Service Center - Auto Repair experts

Blue Seal of Excellence

Auto Repair and Service

In 2016, Connie & Dick’s Service Center became a Blue Seal Certified auto repair center. This means that we’ve been recognized as an ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence) Blue Seal Certified Shop! According to the Bureau of Automotive Repair, department of consumer affairs for California, there are over 22,000 registered automotive repair facilities in the southern half of the state.

Within that group, there are less than 50 Blue Seal Certified public auto repair service centers and we are extremely proud and honored to be part of this elite group of world-class auto repair service centers.

Connie & Dick's Auto Service Center - Auto Repair experts


We work on a wide variety of vehicles and it’s likely we have everything needed to service your vehicle.

Call or click to schedule an appointment today! 909-626-5653


Connie & Dick's Auto Service Center - Auto Repair experts


Our employees and their combined knowledge amount to our biggest asset. We invest heavily in continuing education. Today’s vehicles are the most complex device most of us will ever interact with in our lives.

Tesla Vision AI

Advanced Technology

Today, vehicles are being on-boarded with high levels of advanced safety systems supporting AEB – Automated Emergency braking, ACC – Adaptive Cruise Control, and more. We have the tools, equipment, and necessary skill set so that proper operation of the active safety systems can be maintained within their operational design.

We can fix it, but we’d rather maintain it!


We take great pride in providing professional auto repair and service and we do this by employing ASE Master Certified Technicians who use quality parts, service procedures, and techniques in order to achieve the most effective repair for your automobile or light truck.

If you’re looking for a new service home for your car or light truck, please give us a call or simply stop in sometime. We’d love to meet you and provide you with a shop tour if you’d like. If you would like to schedule an appointment online click on the more button below.

We hope to see you soon!

Advanced Diagnostics

Automobiles are one of the most complex devices consumers will deal with within their lifetime. These complexities require the skill and expertise of advanced-level technicians utilizing specialized tools and equipment. We are proud to say that we have expertise and tooling to get the job done competently and accurately. A great majority of the work needed to repair the vehicle effectively revolves around accurately identifying vehicle problems, and we’re here to help. 

Call us at 909-626-5653 or text via chat bot.

★★★★★ 184+ Customer Reviews

★★★★★   May, 2021

Took in my Nissan Frontier for alignment, balance/rotation, brake fluid flush/fill and power steering flush/fill. Super great service. Very knowledgeable and willing to explain concepts. Would recommend to friend.


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★★★★★   April, 2021

Techs were very helpful before asking any questions. I left with more knowledge from them than expected. May God richly bless this shop. Highly recommended by me.


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Nit Pitts

★★★★★   January, 2021

They are thorough, professional, and provide great details about service they’ve provided or recommend.


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★★★★★   January 2021

Professional and timely work done.

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Sergio Gomez

★★★★★   January 2021

Friendly, comprehensive, thorough and trustworthy.

Not inexpensive, but worth every penny.

I brought them a challenge with my vehicle and challenge accepted!


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Mike Mclaurin

★★★★★   December 2020

Courteous, Quick and Fairly Inexpensive!

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Dale Murphy

★★★★★   November, 2020

So helpful and kind! Oscar was especially nice! They did such a great job walking through all the work they were doing!


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Kate Denend

★★★★★   May, 2021

Courteous, knowledgeable, timely, and professional service. A sheer delight!


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R. Hale

★★★★★   April, 2021

From the first phone call inquiring about services and pricing, to getting my car back after work was complete, my experience at Connie and Dick’s exceeded my expectations. Oscar, who answered the phone and discussed the issues with me, was very thorough. And Sarah was so wonderful! As someone who has just moved to the area, I am so grateful to have found such a great mechanic!


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Grace Yao

★★★★★   August, 2020

Very honest. Very respectful and welcoming! I will definitely be returning to this business for future services!


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Latasha B.

★★★★★   August, 2020

Great place to take your vehicle. They did an excellent job on my truck had it fixed in no time. Also the way they give you an estimate before you bring it in was very personal. I work over 12 hours a day and didn’t have time to go during their business hours but I had the option of dropping my truck off when I got out of work and was able to pick it up when I had gotten out such a convenient way of operation.

Thank you guys for all the help. You will be seeing me again for any future repairs.

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Andrew H.

★★★★★   June, 2020

Great staff and great pricing as well! My car service was done in one hour and the people were so kind, helpful, and efficient.

I will definitely come back again! So glad I found this place

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Kristina T.

★★★★★   June, 2020

Great place to know what’s going on and they will do everything the right way, it may cost more but it’s worth it!!!

They are pros


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Kevin L.

Connie & Dick's Auto Service Center - Auto Repair experts 3yr, 36k mi warranty

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