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Connie & Dick’s Auto Service Center: Your Trusted Automotive Experts Since 1960. With 60+ years of experience, we guarantee top-quality service and repairs. Visit us for maintenance or complex fixes, backed by a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty.

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Connie & Dick's Auto Service Center - Auto Repair experts

Your New Car Dealer Alternative for Service

Dealership Service Alternative

All vehicles require maintenance and we can help you keep your new vehicle in tip-top shape which doesn’t require you to return to the dealership for service. We know a lot and can help you properly maintain your vehicle for long life. Please contact us today about servicing your new vehicle today: 909-626-5653.

And we’re happy to be celebrating our SIXTY-THIRD year operating in Claremont!

Warranty, we provide an industry-leading warranty on all parts and labor for 3 years -or- 36,000 miles, whichever occurs first.

Introducing Tesla Service at Connie & Dick's Auto Center!

Discover the Future of Auto Maintenance. While Teslas are fantastic vehicles, they still require essential services like tire rotations, alignments, cabin filter changes, and more to ensure they run smoothly. At Connie & Dick’s, we now offer specialized Tesla service to keep your electric ride in peak condition. Trust our expertise to keep your Tesla performing at its best.

Connie & Dick's Auto Service Center - Auto Repair experts


Auto repair | Circa 1960

Connie & Dick’s partnership began in a small Mobil gas station in Downtown Claremont near the intersection of Bonita and Yale avenue.

As time progressed, Connie & Dick’s Auto Service expanded resulting in multiple service/gas stations including the popular Shell station that was located on the North-East corner of Indian Hill Blvd & Bonita Avenue. So the next time you’re enjoying a bite at Oni Sushi you can think of us!

Connie & Dick's Auto Service Center - Auto Repair experts


Auto Repair | Circa 1970

Connie & Dick’s Service Center had been providing expert auto repair and service in the Olive Street building located just north of our current location where the Claremont Courier moved into in 2017.

Both Conrad and Richard were working daily in our current facility up until the early 1990s when they sold the business to Scott Brown, an employee at the time and todays current owner.

Modern Times

Auto Repair | Present Day

Since 1977, Connie & Dick’s has been providing expert auto repair and service in our 13,000 sq. ft. facility. This facility, by the way was originally built for the U.S. Postal Service which served as a Claremont’s Postal Annex up until the early 70’s.

We are constantly updating tooling, equipment and increasing our proficiency so that we can continue to provide professional grade auto repair and service well into the future!

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★★★★★ 250+ Customer Reviews

★★★★★   April, 2024

Been coming here for a couple years after moving to CA from TX. The whole team is great! They’re super transparent and patient for those of us who don’t know a ton about their vehicles. You might be paying a little more than at other places, but it’s a small price for good service and peace of mind. If you live in the Claremont area, definitely make them your go to!

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Natalie H

★★★★★   April, 2024

Connie & Dick’s is an exceptional car repair service provider. Their knowledge, process, and thoroughness are reassuring. They are warm, yet professional. I felt like I was being educated about the problem with my car rather than feeling sold-to. I can’t recommend them enough!

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Mark C.

★★★★★   January, 2024

Detailed with the cost of the repair and diagnosis of the issues. Staff are very friendly and understanding and knowledgeable overall. Thumbs up with the service of providing drop off and pickup rides for customers.

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Nhi V.

★★★★★   December, 2023

From start to finish my experience was high quality. This included explanations, rides, evaluation, service work and professional courtesy. I will return again for our next service. Also, would recommend to others.

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Pat L.

★★★★★   November, 2023

If you don’t want to keep taking your car back and you want to get it done once and for all, this is the place. I liked their explanations and how they come up with estimates for repairs. This is not a cheap place to go. If you’re looking for a cheap mechanic, this is not it. They are more high-end because their parts are not cheap. They don’t buy the least expensive items. They probably by the high-end because they don’t want your car to come back in. I thought they were knowledgeable and they listened. I am 73 year-old female and the biggest problem I’ve had is mechanics think that women are stupid. I don’t know how else to put it. I do research everything. I want someone to be honest and fair. I had a water pump and a few other emission issues. I’ve had it at the mechanic a few times prior to this and my engine light kept coming back on. So far so good. My engine light has not come on again. Major repairs should be done by an auto repair shop that offers an excellent guarantee and there’s is one of the best that I found.

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Annie T.

★★★★★   April, 2024

Have been coming here for several years. Always provides knowledgeable and helpful service with on time delivery.

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Gerald F.

★★★★★   March, 2024

Best service experience ever. Immediate appointment gotten, times were shorter than expected, price was fair and service was outstanding.

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Pam H.

★★★★★   Februrary, 2023

Great after service report system.

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Terry H.

★★★★★   December, 2023

Outstanding customer service, they walked me through procedures and were very thorough when explaining what needed to be done making sure I understood what exactly I was responsible for or the warranty company could be responsible for. They communicated daily with me and didn’t have me waiting copious amounts of time like I would’ve been if I had taken it to the dealership. Very professional setting, organized and communicative.

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Jair D.

★★★★★   July, 2023

Monday I was calling around shops. After taking my car to a dealer that messed it up. Due to a recall that they should have fixed but made worse.
Metro Nisan didn’t answer. So I called this one to asked if they excepted a AAA deal that I had for inspection. Sarah answered the phone and was very polite. I met Oscar when I arrived. He inspected the vehicle and gave me thorough details on what was going on with my car. Honest company to Inspect / Fix what needs to fixed rather then tell you that it needs everything under the sun just to get more money out of you

From the office to the shop every staff member I met there was very respectful and polite. I forgot my iPad when I left and received a phone call with in 10 minutes that I left it there. Awesome Day! Keep Up The Good Work 👊🏽😎👍

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Joseph P.

★★★★★   February, 2023

Always courteous and professional. They have kept our cars running well for years.

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Steve K

Connie & Dick's Auto Service Center - Auto Repair experts


We work on a wide variety of vehicles and it’s likely we have everything needed to service your vehicle.

Call or click to schedule an appointment today! 909-626-5653

Connie & Dick's Auto Service Center - Auto Repair experts


Our employees and their combined knowledge amount to our biggest asset. We invest heavily in continuing education. Today’s vehicles are the most complex device most of us will ever interact with in our lives.
Tesla Full Self Drive Beta avoiding a jogger

Advanced Technology

Today, vehicles are being on-boarded with high levels of advanced safety systems supporting AEB – Automated Emergency braking, ACC – Adaptive Cruise Control, and more. We have the tools, equipment, and necessary skill set so that proper operation of the active safety systems can be maintained within their operational design.

We can fix it, but we’d rather maintain it!


We take great pride in providing professional auto repair and service and we do this by employing ASE Master Certified Technicians who use quality parts, service procedures, and techniques in order to achieve the most effective repair for your automobile or light truck.

If you’re looking for a new service home for your car or light truck, please give us a call or simply stop in sometime. We’d love to meet you and provide you with a shop tour if you’d like. If you would like to schedule an appointment online click on the more button below.

We hope to see you soon!

Advanced Diagnostics

Automobiles are one of the most complex devices consumers will deal with within their lifetime. These complexities require the skill and expertise of advanced-level technicians utilizing specialized tools and equipment. We are proud to say that we have expertise and tooling to get the job done competently and accurately. A great majority of the work needed to repair the vehicle effectively revolves around accurately identifying vehicle problems, and we’re here to help.

Call us at 909-626-5653 or text via chat bot.

Connie & Dick's Auto Service Center - Auto Repair experts 3yr, 36k mi warranty

Connie and Dick's Auto Service Center Inc.


If you’ve been to the shop it’s possible that you may have observed some interesting vehicles in and around the shop. Many of these special projects and it you’d like to know more please ask.

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