Smog Check

We are licensed by the State of California to provide smog inspection services and repair on most OBD-II vehicles  subject to testing. This inspection process involves both a visual inspection and interfacing with your vehicle’s emission control electronic control modules to retrieve certain historical data.

This data will be used to assess the overall OBD-II system status in order to determine if there are any issues with your vehicle that may be affecting emissions.

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Why do I need a smog inspection?

As part of the California Inspection and Maintenance Program, vehicle owners/operators are responsible to maintaining their vehicles to certain performance standards related to vehicle emissions with vehicle aging factored. Some states require that the vehicle have a mechanical safety inspection performed in addition to the emissions check. Sadly, California does not see a need for safety / roadworthiness inspections.

What is inspected?

For the OBDII – OIS test, the emission related computers on your vehicle are queried for performance monitors, which provide insight into the vehicle’s operational history related to vehicle emission output. If there are negative DTC’s and a high percentage of the system monitors are set to complete, your vehicle will likely receive a clean bill of health.

What is my benefit as the vehicle owner / operator?

You are provided with any information that will help you maintain your vehicle’s operational levels to stay within system design limits.


% of vehicles that pass initial inspection