Air Conditioning Service

The A/C system is an essential part of your vehicle's climate control system!


We are equipped to troubleshoot, repair, and or service automotive climate control systems commonly referred to as the HVAC system. If your A/C is not blowing as cold as it once was, please consider getting it serviced sooner than later. Often times we find that longer you wait, more damage occurs due to the fact that not only is the refrigerant likely leaking but, the critical lubrication oil circulating within the system is leaking as well. With the absence of this vital lubricant, the air conditioning compressor could experience accelerated wear.


Newer vehicles today use refrigerant 1234yf which is a very expensive compound. The reason we have this new refrigerant is that R1234yf possesses a much lower global warming potential (GWP) number. Older vehicles use refrigerant 134a except for really old vehicles which us R12. We are equipped to handle all of these types of refrigerants.


Please also be aware that some of the DIY, over-the-counter recharge kits contain stop leak compounds which in our opinion are very bad. If this is added to your vehicle and sub-sequentially needs professional service, you should advise of this condition because if that sealant gets into the service center’s recovery machine, it could be devastating. We’ve actually experienced this in the past and can tell you first hand that this is a terrible situation. 

Additionally, if your vehicle is equipped with any other climate-controlled features such as heated & cooled seats, we can provide you with service on those as well. Heating and air conditioning concerns are no problem for us.


Finally, if your vehicle’s A/C system has a mildew smell, you’re not alone. Ask us how we can help to eliminate that smell from your vehicle. See the video below.


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A/C System Service Special

Let us make sure that your vehicle is ready to keep you cool this summer with a special offer. We will recover, measure, evacuate, and recharge your A/C system to specifications. Then we’ll remove your cabin filter (if equipped) and perform our special OZONE Treatment Service and afterwards install a new cabin air filter. This service is guaranteed to leave your interior environment fresh and clean smelling!

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Cabin Air Filter and Sanitization Service

Ensure the interior climate is as clean as it could be!

Check out this short video to see what we can do to help clean the air your breath inside your car!

Air Conditioning Leak
Condensor A/C Leak

Air Conditioning refrigerant leaks can be difficult to located and identify. Sometimes we will need to place the vehicle back in service (following a preliminary service) for a short period of time so that the maximum pressures and other dynamics can occur in order to stress the system. Oftentimes this can be useful in locating difficult-to-find leaks. For cases such as this, we will insert a specialized tracer dye refrigerant oil into the system. Using a UV lamp and specialized glasses, the service technician will be able to search for leaks much more effectively.

Take a look at these images to see what a leak looks like.

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