Wheel Alignment

Let us "Fine-Tune" your Wheel Alignment


Precision wheel alignments can be achieved here at Connie & Dick’s.  Although your vehicle’s current alignment settings may be within the manufacturer specifications,  often we find that with some additional effort, we can fine-tune those settings and ultimately provide you with a vehicle that is more pleasurable to drive and optimized for long tire life.


A vehicle with a proper wheel alignment will provide optimum tire wear so whenever you put new tires on your vehicle, it’s good practice to have your vehicle aligned properly.


Call us today and schedule an appointment if you suspect your vehicle requires a wheel alignment.



Tire Wear


Don’t let your tires prematurely wear due to improper alignment or worn suspension components. Optimum tire contact with the ground is essential for proper handling, safety and maximum tire life.




Suspension components are normal wear items and should be routinely inspected. If components remain in operation beyond their useful service life, premature tire wear and handling issues may arise. Make sure that your vehicle’s vital suspension and steering components are operating within their designed limits by having them routinely inspected by an ASE certified technician.