Factory Alignment

Even if your vehicle is brand new, the wheel alignment settings on your Tesla may not be exactly where they should be. If they’re not, you might experience pre-mature tire wear, non-optimal handling and driving performance may not be as it should. 

The images we’re sharing here are from our client’s  2022 Tesla Model Y shows that there is a 2.2° adaptive applied offset due to the wheels not being properly aligned.

Tesla Wheel Alignment Check

Advanced Geometry

Tesla’s sophisticated suspension systems are engineered to provide optimal driving comfort, proper handling, and performance. The steering and suspension systems are dependent on proper wheel alignment settings in order to achieve the above objectives, and more importantly, extend tire life.

With all four wheels properly adjusted to achieve optimum wheel alignment geometry, the vehicle has the best chance at delivering the ride, handling and performance it was designed to deliver. So if you’re in the Claremont area please contact us and let us log into your vehicle and see if your vehicle needs a wheel alignment.

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Special Procedures

For the overall best outcome, Tesla recommends that the vehicle be properly loaded so that the vehicle ride height is correct for alignment procedure.  We take the proper steps to ensure that this is done so that we can obtain the best possible outcome.

Ballast bags are used to achieve Tesla’s recommended 300# loading of the vehicle in order to obtain the proper trim height. Doing an alignment without following these steps will work against one trying to perform a proper wheel alignment on a Tesla.

Ballast Weight Applied
Tesla Service Mode - EPAS Offset

Reset and Relearn

Following the alignment procedure, the service technician will clear the applied offset and then perform a road test verification long enough so that the vehicle can learn the new offset.

If everything works as planned, the new applied offset shall be < 1°.

Final Road Test

Once the wheel alignment has been properly performed, the suspension and steering geometry will be in a position to deliver optimal vehicle performance and handling.


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Tesla Wheel Alignment Offset