Current and Past Projects

Occasionally, we’re contracted by various companies to help support their research and development projects and other transportation industry companies to provide testing services and to solve for odd vehicle issues. Some of these projects are quite interesting so we decided to share what we’re authorized to share about some of these projects. So, if you’re interested in learning more, stay tuned!


If you have a project vehicle you’d like support on please don’t hesitate to call.



BMW i3 All Electric Drive Trace Testing

This is one of two of the i3’s we tested at the shop on our chassis dynamometer.

455 Pontiac Performance Analysis

This very clean one-owner 74 Pontiac Firebird begad to experience some driveability complaints under WOT operation. We used the chassis dyno to test and identify the causes.

1962 Vette with LS3 Power

Check out this project vehicle, a 62 Corvette fitted with a modern LS3 Corvette engine with a hot cam!