Fuel Injection



In most applications, injectors are fitted so that each cylinder is supplied with a precise amount for fuel for each firing event across the entire operating range of the engine. This is a very tall order for the injectors to fulfill. Balanced injectors help maintain optimal vehicle performance.


When the injectors begin to operate out of balance, the computer can only compensate to an average of the common cylinders being measured via the air fuel ratio sensing system. Compensation can result in some cylinders running richer or leaner than its neighbor cylinder, which can lead to less than optimum engine performance.


Limited testing operations can be performed on the vehicle and usually helps us learn if there is a need to investigate further. Removing the injectors from the vehicle provides the best opportunity for proper analysis. Once the injectors are removed, we can also have a look inside of the induction ports for evidence of carbon build up.


Once we have the injectors operating in a balanced fashion. They can be reinstalled on the vehicle where the technician can proceed to reset system adaptive fuel corrections and road test to verify optimal system operation.

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Injector Test Bench

Port fuel injectors are prepped for initial baseline testing.

Injector Flow Test

Here, the injectors are being operated at various frequencies so their balance can be measured and analyzed.

Injector Flow Test

Here, the injectors are in the spray pattern observation mode in order to note any abnormalities.

Injector Ultrasonic Cleaning

Here, the injectors are in the ultrasonic cleaning bay where they are cleaned with a special cleaning solution and cycled at various frequencies to promote a thorough cleaning.

Visual Flow Performance Test


This video shows the injector flow pattern performance across various engine speeds and durations. These conditions mimmic what’s requested of your injectors as you drive. The vehicle that had these injectors installed was not running very well and was difficult to start most of the time. Although this is an extreme example, it clearly illustrates the importance of proper and even fuel delivery for optimum engine performance.

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How often should I have my injectors checked and or serviced?

That depends on the type of vehicle and system your vehicle is equipped with but in general, every 30,000 miles your fuel system and intake air system should be serviced as preventative maintenance. Additionally, the quality of fuel plays a big role. The best practice is to use quality fuel at the proper octane rating. And making sure that the oil level is full and changed at the proper intervals will usually result in a vehicle that experiences fewer issues. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 909-626-5653.

Should I clean or replace my injectors?

Some injectors can be cleaned and be expected to provide many miles of reliable service. In some cases where we find injectors that have historical performance issues, we recommend replacement injectors that have significant improvement over the original design. We can help you decide on the best course of action.

My car is running rough, do I have an injector problem?

When your vehicle is not performing properly, don’t assume that the fuel injectors are at fault. There are many components in today’s vehicles that fail and cause similar symptoms. Let us perform a proper analysis in order to develop the best course of action. Call us for an appointment today: 909-626-5653