The OBD-II system was implemented in 1996 for all vehicles sold in the United States. OBD-II, short for On Board Diagnostics, 2nd Generation, is a complex system with a standard set of diagnostic trouble codes (DTC’s), on board system diagnostic routines which include continuous monitoring systems that validate the vehicle’s emission control systems are performing within the regulated standards. Some of these systems are in operational mode even after the vehicle has been powered off. When an OBD-II vehicle has a condition where the Diagnostic Executive infers that the tailpipe emission levels have exceeded the Federal Test Procedure (FTP) certified levels by a particular amount, (usually 1.5x) the Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) or “Check Engine light” will illuminate. If your MIL is on, please don’t disregard it because you’ve experienced no measurable change in vehicle operation. Postponing attention could lead to more costly repairs.

In California, most vehicles 2000MY and newer are subjected to a bi-annual inspection that involves checking the OBDII system performance. We are a state certified test center for OBDII Smog Check.